The End of The World as I want it

Date: 4/22/2017

By drunchee

So in my dream the world ended. Not like an apacolypse where everyone dies and there's monsters or evil men running around with guns. No. Something happened, either the government collapsed or freak weather. Whatever it was, it permanently changed the world and no one was really outside or going about normal business, and I was actually enjoying it! I was stuck inside with Garrett at my house. He really wanted to go home but I think we thought the roads would be dangerous so we didn't let him at first. Next I remember texting some people then realizing the wifi was really slow. I was actually surprised WiFi was even working at all considering it'd been 3 or 4 days. I'd only been texting Mara and Allison, but I remember seeing Brody and Cris post something on their story about them in an abandoned mall. So eventually I'm driving in a car with a woman much like Garrett’s mom and a girl who I know I liked in the dream because she was hot. We're going to malls of sorts, presumably to loot them, but end up only going to one. I meet up with my dad, Mom and Marcos at a campgrounds sort of thing after the mall looting. Maybe it is like a survivors camp (although I don't know how anyone could die, there's no danger). Two men are jerks to the gal I like and so me and someone from impractical jokers try to beat them up with a lawn chair. I succeed in knocking out one, an older fellow with a bald head and muscles. I guess one of the dudes we fucked up was the girls boyfriend, and while the girl was on a bench crying tears of joy that it was finally over With him, my dad stood behind me, Marcos and her, expecting me to ask her out, but I didn't. I remember whispering to marcos why I didn't ask her out but I forget my reasons. Later in my dream I remember a vague thing about me and another gal, maybe in this part I'm older though, still in an apocalyptic setting, on a raft in dark blue water. So to sum it up, the world ends as we know it, I don't care and instead worry about girls I like as the world around me slowly stops resembling normal society. THE END.