Weird school day

Date: 7/30/2019

By oni_no_onii_chan

Class was a mix of grade/middle school and high school classmates. Weird day where everyone had to be dressed up nicely. I had a weird suit on that looked like a nice suit but was too small and had weird openings, so a lot of my body was exposed. Me, an imaginary girl with curly hair that doesn't exist irl, and another guy got assigned with a science project. For some reason, I was the only one who was allowed to run in the hallways because "my suit looked the best" (except it didn't lol). As soon as I left the school and traveled a bit further on a bus, everything started to flood. I found myself in an inflatable floating thingy and kept floating forward slowly. There was a scene where I was scared shitless that my phone fell in the water, but then I found it on an isolated, non-submerged piece of land, for some reason. Eventually, I found myself in front of a giant construction crane, climbed it, jumped off of it and landed right in front of the girl's house, which was for some reason on a level higher than the water surface. She and her little sister (who was a shrunken version of her with darker hair) were waiting in the yard and they had a weird dog that looked like a small dog made bigger. The guy didn't come because he was a delinquent in my dream. The three of us talked for a bit and were about to start working on the project, then I woke up.