Cops on Halloween

Date: 7/22/2019

By proxie

It was Halloween and I had just came back for the night. I didn’t hang out with anyone so that made me really sad, so I just went to bed in the driveway of my moms house in a sleeping bag. My mom left for The night to check on our airbnb that was across the street, so I wanted to invite ppl over but remembered I had no friends lol. I started walking to the Airbnb across the street to where my mom was, but there were cops on every corner and it was passed curfew. A cop was like “how old are you?” And I was like “17” and answered the questions truthfully. He then started asking weird questions like “is your mom married or divorced” so I was like “umm never mind” and started walking away. But the cop followed, and in a matter of minutes, our house was surrounded by 2 cop cars and a sniper. My mom tried to leave by taking her benz truck she had, but there were cops in back of that too. I didn’t hear from her for the rest of the night, and even tho it was snowing, I took my luggage and carried it through town through the snow. I encountered a few of my highschool peers trying to help people for some reason and one of them gave me their jacket. I was like, thank u. I walked to the DIA which was crowded with parents and people I knew. I saw my dad and step mom and they asked if I was alone and I lied and said I was with my mom, then I changed my mind and told them everything and they called me out for lying.