the creepy quiz and the evil boat people

Date: 7/3/2017

By Tjika

I was somewhere in the mountains with some friends and my family. We arrived in a quarry, although no one worked there anymore. My dad and I had to go into a large hole and answer questions. It was for a tv show of some kind. The questions seemed normal at first, but it was difficult to read them, especially since the quarry was freaking me out. The questions got really personal and I became quite dingetjes by that. Those were questions you could only ask me if you knew me well and it was a generaal quiz thing, they were not supposed to know me well. I tried to get my dad to stand next to me to feel safer, but he refused, because he was afraid I would read his answers. He clearly had no idea that I was really scared and wouldn't have understood why if he had known. When I woke up I still felt the same as in the dream, which made me worry for a minute that it was still a dream. After some reality checks though I safely concluded I was really awake. The dream might not have sounded as bad as I felt, but I really could not have handled one of those false awakening dreams at this moment. After this dream I went back to sleep again (well after reading a book and trying to forget the last dream) and had another (less scary) dream. I was rowing in a boat when we suddenly came by one of these huge cargo ships. It was making a turn in the river for some reason (and actually managed to do so in a river, which might actually be more strange) and hit us while doing so. Everyone on the side who had been cheering us on (apparently we had been in some sort of race) was looking at the ship in confusion and shouting to whoever was inside, yelling to them to stop and watch out for us. We were just trying to get away as fast as we could. The boat did not respond to the people though and after turning around just went back towards us, clearly to hit us on purpose. At this moment I realised they were after me for some reason. I climbed out of the boat onto the shore and ran away from the boat, but the people from the boat came after me. Some other people tried to save me from them, I was fighting back too, while trying to figure out why they were after me, because even though I knew for certain they weren't after anyone else, I had no idea what they'd want from me. I woke up before I could find out though. There was also a part in this dream about my grand mother being terminally I'll and me and my family eating as much cake as possible before she'd die, because when you know you're going to die, eating cake is obviously a priority. My parents believed she'd pull through, but I knew she wouldn't, which did make me quite sad, even though I was preoccupied with the cake mostly. Of course I woke up before actually eating the cake... (Oh and in real life my grandmother is fine, I think I just worry about her, since they're all just getting older and stuff)