Date: 6/30/2017

By explosvies

For some reason there was an elevator at the school I was going to and I went into the elevator and hit 12 (idk why the school had so many floors, anyway!) I was looking in the mirror while I was waiting for my stop and I had like pink lipstick all over my face?? Like it was apparently how I did my makeup that day? But I was fixing it because it looked ridiculous and the elevator kept going down but I noticed it was getting smaller and smaller. The doors were clear so I was able to see into the building as I was going down and then I saw like yellow carpet that covered like half of the glass of the elevator. Then the glass started breaking and the elevator was going sideways and basically I was gonna die in there because I was trapped and I woke up with fucking chills! I haaaaate having nightmares lol. Anyway this probably doesn’t make sense but I’m not going to go back and re-read because I’m tired and will probably fall back asleep so; fingers crossed it’s not another nightmare!