tax returns and mall shenanigans

Date: 2/22/2017

By Mephistopheless

basically all I remember was showing up to this mod rickety house on a farm in a highly wooded area, with a garage next to it. I go in and a young Hispanic looking guy was hanging Halloween decorations, but it's February.(who am I to judge right??) anyways I was wearing this red silk button down and a cape-like black jacket cuz I saw my reflection in a window. I looked daddy as fuck for the Twink that I am. anyways I go in and talk to this old lady about doing my tax returns and she told me I needed a bra???? I don't have breasts ma'am , so would you kindly explain this beige colored silk undergarment laying across my lap? anyways after that I ended up in the mall and saw a girl I used to know in highschool that recently had a baby. she said something offhanded so I grabbed her by her stupid blond locks and proceeded to mush her face with my fist. she didn't fight back though. Anywho at the end of it I went back to the farm house and my friend's little brother (who is like 8) was smoking weed with his friend and some old lady clad in blue. she was really fucking cool though. She said she loves gay men (@me lmao) and told me her hairdresser was a gay man. which was also cool!! 😍