Florence Welch

Date: 5/16/2017

By SaintDreamer

On a late summer night, I went to the supermarket to pick some things up. I was FaceTiming with Kareem Faramawy I think. I had my headphones in but the sound kept coming out of mine. I went into the settings to fix it. I remember struggling because my hands were already full. But I did eventually fix it. This supermarket was located in a place I've never been to or seen. It was a well-lit alleyway that led to the supermarket and intersecting it was a set of stairs and a ramp for the disabled. Something about the place felt upperclass. The second part of the dream blew me away. My goddess, the greatest woman on Earth, Florence Welch, laid asleep on the bed. Even watching her sleep took my breath away. She was in this loose silk top, slightly revealing her chest. Her beautiful legs on top of each other. Her graceful, harp-fiddling hands next to her head. Her mesmerizing auburn hair disheveled from the turning. And most importantly, her face, her undeniably gorgeous face. Her eyes and her lips. I don't know what this room was. I think she owned the place or maybe, by some miracle we owned the place together. The bed was one of those large, circular ones. The dark room was cinematically lit; with a shade of blue from the city light peering through the window. I was bold enough to lean forward and kiss her. I tried so hard. But through her slumber, she resisted and moved away. She was at the side of the bed and her head was past the edge. It was the perfect opportunity to kiss her. I don't know if it was perversion or true love that took over me but nothing mattered more than kissing her. Which is exactly how I feel in real life. So I leaned in again and kissed her. Her lips were softer than anything I've ever touched. Despite being dry because she was asleep, my salivation over this moment assuaged any adversities. My expanding heart was on the brink of popping. This was everything that I've ever wanted. Through no transition, it is now dawn and the sun filled the room with depressing blue. I'm seated across the bed on a chair against the wall. I can barely remember if Florence was asleep but I remember she was the cause of spawning entities. I'm trying my hardest to remember even a fragment of what happened but I can't. All I know is that I might've seen Final Fantasy XV characters.