Drama based on real family issues

Date: 4/4/2019

By levinelover

I came to my grandparents house to pick up the rest of my things. When I looked in the closet it was full of clothes and there were a few winter coats one of them gray. I knew it wouldn’t fit in one trash bag like I wanted. I went through the plastic bag full of plastic bags trying to find one big enough, and I kept picking ones that looked bigger than they actually were. When I went into the kitchen my ex-grandmother was sitting at the kitchen table and asked why I wasn’t talking to her. So, I got into it. I told her “you disrespected me, you said thing purposely only for the reason of hurting me, you’re super dramatic” “you scream and slam doors for attention, remember that notebook I aggressively scribbled in? That’s how frustrated you made me feel” then I yelled “YOU TOLD ME THIS IS WHY YOUR BOYFRIEND BROKE UP WITH YOU FOR NO REASON BUT TOO HURT ME”