Date: 6/21/2017

By Max_Steuer

It started as flashes of pain and graphic scenes of my back being pulled apart and something being put bones. I looked to see who was doing this to me and it was my mother standing over me. she seemed to have a supportive look on her face as if this were something she didn't want to put me through but was doing anyway. the next flash I looked up and I was in a hotel suite looking at my reflection in a large window overlooking the coast. when I realized it was me I was looking at and not something else I was....happy. I've always admired angels and my greatest wish is to have wings of my own to fly and friends have always considered me a protector...a guardian. I tried to move them and it was as if I was using them for the first time ( I was). I was learning to move my new extremities. my left wing was kind of limp as my right slowly rose though not to full length. my heart was overjoyed and the feeling of having them connected to me was indescribable. I couldn't help but smile.