Date: 6/12/2017

By Braydxne

So the dream was like a bunch of episodes from a fictional T.V. show but it had like me and people I know in it. It started off with some random people in a cabin but then Jason comes in and kills them to shorten it down. No one escapes and then its 6 months later. Then we see me, some random people, and Paisley. We're in a house and throwing a party, and some people come. (including lily from hannah montana XASJD) The party is lit and stuff and everyone is getting mans except me and Paisley so we decide to leave (even tho its our house??) On the way there we pass a weird house that has a strange guy on the patio, we ignore it and continue on. We go in some random house bc reasons and its a house for monsters. The monsters aren't there so we explore a bit, but then a police monster comes. He goes invisible so we can't see him. We leave and then he reports it. Soon we have a bigger friend group but some of them died on a camping trip. I go down to the basement and find a blonde boi there. He's reading a book or somethin and I'm like "what r u doing" He slams the book shut and says nothing. I walk over to him and snatch the book, and when i open it its a picture of him and some demon He says "There are 2 jasons" I'm like wtf r u one of them He says "Yeah.. but I only killed one person." i ask who and then he says "idk some guy im hesitant and contemplate telling everyone but then he kisses me so im like rawr xd nvm the demon is surrounded by decapitated heads in his pic so im like "what happened" and then he tells a long story about how counselors from f13 game died from a monster massacre im like yikes and then we go upstairs together next me, my friend from irl, and paisley are driving in a car to a fair or something we get out of the car and see my english teacher we ignore him and continue walking then my irl friend sees a machine and is like "omg im gonna go in" but then someone is in there and turns the machine on! she gets trapped and is almost burned but i scream at the worker to turn it off luckily shes safe and i pull her out then we ignore everything that happened and ride a rollercoaster when we get off its night and all the couples are pairing up suddenly lily from hannah montana is there and shes crying about her nerdy boyfriend's death and its really funny bc after a long scene of him being bullied and her loving him i WOKE UP CRYING kk im done