Going backwards in time

Date: 2/10/2021

By Purple

My dream started out at an old job. I think it was at the hotel where I worked in Massachusetts (2012). I was going to leave the building. I bumped into one of the guys from my department. We were taking the stairs. I was holding onto the left banister which seemed unnatural to me. My coworker asked me to switch sides so he can use the left banister. I was glad for the request. Suddenly, instead of finding myself in the street, I found myself in the business section of a college on the first floor and knew I needed to get to the second floor. (I finished school in 1999.) I was momentarily confused, because I just left the first floor of the hotel. I found an elevator, but when I exited, I did not recognize the area. I knew I was on the opposite end of the building, so I walked around to a few of the offices I needed to get some info from. One of them was the registrars office. There were about a dozen students, so I figured I would come back later. The next one was the bursar or financial aid office. I waited a moment or two, some student cut me in line, but I realized I didn’t speak up, and then I was seen by an Asian lady who took me into her office. She didn’t even ask what I needed. She asked me for my college ID, so I presented it to her. It didn’t have my photo on it. Suddenly, she handed me a $20 and three $5 bills from a manilla envelope. When I looked up, someone else had entered the office. The Asian lady was no longer there, but it was my grandma sitting there, wearing a dark red blouse. (Grandma died in 1996.) She looked younger and the sweater color looked good on her. She was also wearing costume jewelry around her neck, which complimented her look even more. She didn’t say anything in my dream. Another lady walked into the office. She was also wearing red. Her red was brighter than grandma’s red sweater, which was more of a wine color. The newcomer exchanged pleasantries with both of us. She was an older lady and had a bubbly personality. She noticed they were both wearing red tops and commented on it. Grandma kept a poker face and still didn’t say anything. Dream ended. Note: I wonder why references in my dream were going backwards in time. I didn’t notice that until I posted here and was thinking of a title of the dream.