Eating a cookie I didn't pay for and running through a store

Date: 9/28/2019

By pinkstar16121

I was in this store and I saw all these chocolate chip cookies, individually packaged, and I really wanted one. So I just unwrapped the second best-looking cookie, the first one looked like one of those Mrs. Field's chocolate chunk cookies with lots of chocolate chips, but it was in transparent packaging. After I'd eaten the other cookie, which was really good, I realized I should pay for it. I was trying to look at the price. Each cookie was a different price and I think I thought it was $7.00, but I realized I was looking at the Mrs. Fields look alike cookie price sticker. Then I saw the price of the cookie I'd eaten, which was $8.00. The running part was not in correlation to my stealing a cookie. I don't remember getting caught. I started jogging, then actually running. I can't run irl due to my disability, but I used to be able to as a kid. I remember my sister's boyfriend being in the dream or it might have been someone else. I don't know, it's too vague. The last thing I remember is opening up these two cans of tuna and hearing retching. Then I woke up to find my cat about to puke in my room.