No superpowers thank god

Date: 4/4/2017

By TwentieToo

Had a dream where i was at my uncles house. Except it was him and Adam Sandler mixed together. He was suddenly rich and had this nice house by the beach. We were in this room with a view of the beach. I didn't realize it was just glass and it was just a picture. It changed into the deep sea. A whale swam super close to the glass and then swam upwards right before it would have smashed into the glass. Had another dream where I was a little kid and I was with another little kid and we were being hunted by these dudes from that tv show called Mountain Monsters. We were hiding in tall grass by this creek and the guys came up riding on four wheelers. They were talking about a swamp thing spreading everywhere throughout the forest. They were looking for these houses in the woods that were being affected by the swamp. For some reason it was so important that they would shoot little kids if they got in their way. They had seen us and started to try and get us but we made it to our cabin. The dream shifted and I wasn't anybody in the dream, it was kinda like i was watching. Anyways. There was this family eating at this super long table with a big feast. There was a ginormous turkey sitting in the middle, like it was bigger than a person. Anyways the setup looked like that painting, The Last Supper, except it was a lot fancier with a lot more gold.