Bike Charity, Bikini Party, The Annoying Old Woman, West Coast CCS & RIP Uncle: Thank You...

Date: 8/1/2017

By fluffytree

In my first dream I find myself riding around on my bike in some unfamiliar suburban neighborhood when I spot this teenager trying to ride the oddest looking bike and failing at it. It looks like a big tricycle of sorts that's so old and cheap it's taped together at some points and others seem to be made literally out of cardboard. No wonder this kid keeps falling off. I just ride past him at first but then feel bad and turn back. I ask him if he needs help and he says he's fine, but I can tell he's not so I help him home. Once there I ask him his name and if he made that bike. I don't wanna offend him by mentioning how bad the design is if he did in fact make it himself. He says no and that his parents got it for him. That's when right then his parents walk out. I immediately tell them who I am and that I just helped their son home. Don't want them thinking I'm some child predator or robber or something like that. They thank me and invite me into their house. The place is clearly being renovated since it's empty for one, and there's large sheets of plastic on the walls and buckets of paint here and there. I ask them about their kid's bike and the dad explains how they thought he'd like it and besides, it's the only thing he could afford to put together knowing that his son had been wanting a bike for awhile. I feel sorry for them. They don't seem to be struggling financially but clearly they are if they can't even buy their son a cheap bike from Walmart or something. I know from experience those are pretty much all terrible, but at least for a kid they'd have something that'd work for a little while at least. It's better than nothing is what I'm saying. I mention how unsafe it is for him to ride that and they just kinda look worried at each other but don't reply. I don't have the money to buy the kid a new bike, but I still wanna help out somehow. I start thinking of ways to do so like maybe I can give him half the money he would need to go towards an actual quality bike. Granted new ones are at least $400 at a bike shop so it would have to be something used, but those are still gonna be better than what you'd get at a boxstore like Walmart or Toys "R" Us. I never got to follow through with this idea before going to a different dream scene though unfortunately. Suddenly I found myself in someone's house watching TV with a group of people. Some of them I knew and were family while most were strangers. Several cute girls were there though and I had unusual confidence. I'm usually extremely shy even though I'm 34 (hence why my dating life irl is literally nonexistent) but here I found myself flirting with 2 or 3 girls I found attractive. I went so far as to lightly fondle one girl's crotch. She had on a pink bikini and I slowly slide my hand down to where I could feel her soft pubic hair and then I pulled it back up only because there were people around. She beamed at me and clearly enjoyed it. I could tell she wanted to go further, but man I wish we were alone. My sorta ex was there too now that I remember and I didn't want her to see me doing any of this since she's the super jealous type and very insecure. She seemed oblivious which worked in my favor cos even though we're not together anymore and barely friends at this point, I know I'd lose her friendship forever if she saw me like this. I ended up drifting to another dream shortly afterwards though. Next I find myself at work doing my usual security job. It's like Saturday or Sunday morning and usually I don't get anyone coming in during the mornings before I get off at 8am, but this time I had several workers show up. Everybody has to sign in before they come through and usually I have no problems with anyone, but this one older black lady came through, looked right at me and walked on by without signing. I couldn't believe it because I immediately recognized her as the same lady I had problems with in another dream I had awhile back. She knows the rules because I clearly told her last time so now I feel pretty irked about it. I quickly get up and follow her asking her if she can please sign in. She just gets on the elevator and ignores me. So I stand in between the doors so they won't close and ask again just in case she didn't hear me. Still no answer. She just glances at me while smirking and looking away. I'm just like, 'Wow... This friggin lady, are you serious?' That's when I tell her, "Listen, I can't let you go up if you don't sign in. Can you please just go back and sign. That's all." Still nothing though. Sooo, I decide to just wait her stubbornness out. I got all day afterall and I doubt she has more patience than me. Other people get on the elevator, but I tell them they can't go up because this lady is refusing to follow the rules. It may be kinda cruel and not something I'd do irl, but I figure maybe shaming her this way in front of others will get her to comply. She keeps her stance for a couple minutes longer before finally getting off. I dunno if she actually went to sign in because I got stuck riding the elevator with everyone else and can't remember much else afterwards other than going on to another dream. In my next one I just recall being at my old college only it's alot better and seems to be on the west coast now too since it's super sunny with palm trees around and all. In reality there is a sister campus in California so maybe I was there. I'm just wandering around though while observing people, something I like doing, until I come across a very lively security guard. I'm walking into an elevator that leads down to a parking garage and the guard is trying to get this girl's number. He's very forward about it too which shocked me. Wish I had the confidence to be like that that's for sure. I think the girl gave him her number but it might've been fake cos when I got on I recall her saying how he seemed nice but just didn't have the time right now. I end up back on the main floor just talking with the guard. I wasn't too happy with his behavior from earlier since I'm a guard too and it's really unprofessional to be trying to get a girl's number or flirting while you're on duty, but whatever. Not my place to judge how somebody else does their job so I didn't mention it. Can't remember what we talked about but I end up going to my last dream at this point. So before I get into the dream I wanna say that irl my great uncle died yesterday after not making it through a seriously taxing heart surgery. He was 72 and it hit me harder than I thought. He was the only semblance of a father I had left and was the most successful person in the family. First one to graduate college with a bachelor's degree with me being now the 2nd, he had been in the Navy too and survived Vietnam and I think the positive outcome of that was that he kept his love for traveling, something me and him had in common. He worked for GM for over 20 years and even got to work abroad for about a year in South Korea. No one I know has ever done anything like that before and it's definitely alot to look up to. Now it's just me, my brother and baby nephew that are the only men left with me being the oldest. It's no surprise that tonight's dream I found myself riding around with my mom, sister, nephew, grandmother, and uncle as he drove us to an old dilapidated house he and my grandmother grew up in. I love abandoned places, but I remember not wanting to go in cos I was wearing shorts and didn't wanna get dirty or cut by anything sharp like a nail or something. We didn't go in and just listened to my uncle tell stories about his childhood to us. He seemed happy and was smiling while he told it and so was my grandmother and then I woke up during this scene.