Pigs and Batman

Date: 7/23/2019

By DreamDawg

This dream is an obvious product of me reading too many comics the past few weeks but I digress. Not sure exactly what happened but in the middle of writing this I remember that in my dream I had my legs cut off from the bottom of my knee. Painless but just really awkward, until someone got me prostetics that were amazing and were like normal legs except they were clearly robotic but I didn’t notice a different so fine by me. So it begins with me (and my robot legs) and my mom and probably my other two sisters and I staying at one of my mom’s friends houses in order to basically house sit. I’m in the middle of looking at some good book selections this person has in their home when my dad texts me to let me know he’s on his way to come pick me up and drive back to his house a long ways away. A few minutes later he sends a more detailed text saying that his friend who is unable to leave the car has been waiting with my dad and they have several potbelly pigs in the car. I go downstairs and my dad appears alongside everyone who was already there and he’s also let the pigs in and there was also a very cute puppy Rhodesian ridgeback there too which my dad had neglected to mention. Anyway this puppy doesn’t have a real collar but his leash turns into one so I figure out how that works and we’re on our way. As we’re driving my dad is replaced by some superheros so that the fourth robin and guardian and Batman (maybe?) are in the car now. We turn on country music because we have to invade “Monkey World” which Guardian and Batman failed at trying to do it alone. So now we have a mini team in this car and we’ve entered Monkey World which is like an exit off the highway which takes you into a pink mist and that’s pretty much the only difference between the normal world is the pink tint and also the people all look like they had humanoid monkey faces. Not sure what happens next but I know I’m working alongside robin at this arcade and I’ve never seen the game I’m trying to play before but I do really well and try it again but don’t do so hot. Because it’s kinda dark, it takes me a moment to notice someone has left a literal unwound was of cash sitting on the sitting on the arcade game along with arcade money i got from doing good on the game PLUS a credit card looking card that stores all my arcade info and points on it. I show Robin who’s been trying the game next to me but failing, who just nods and we decide to depart. But I think the game we were playing became real in the dream because then I was watching Batman, the fourth Robin, and Nightwing all battling it out on these islands. Once you won the island you had to hop to another. I was kinda like the fourth Robin, so one jump I was crossing over this island that looked familiar and said “Talia!” Before diving because Talia is that robin’s mom and also she kinda helps out Batman so if she was there she could help. But when I got there (as the fourth Robin) it kinda became a cutscene so I didn’t have control and watched as this older dude who kinda looked like me (as the fourth Robin, I think you get it now), and Talia was helping him. I didn’t know what was happening until she was like helping him take off his jacket and gave him a blanket and called him “Jason” which made me realize this was the second robin (aka red hood aka Jason Todd) and he somehow ended up at the island I was planning to land on. Then I saw someone who looked like Jason but who was shorter appear and Talia started helping him out. I thought it was still Jason until Jason appeared in the same view and realized it was me as robin. Then nightwing showed up and Talia was taking care of all of us (might I add that there was no one else here and it was like a cvs/convenience store and not the typical evil lair). Then Talia told us that this dude called like Valco or Felco was going to try and kill us (he looked like a black skeleton in heavy armor with big normal human eyes) and he was known as the Black Shadow or something. So anyway there was this big fight sequence where all three of us were fighting in a cvs against normal looking people who were actually the Black Shadows, people who worked under Valco’s leadership. I don’t know where Talia was but she was giving us helpful info like a game tutorial character. So we fight and fight and fight (which was just like the comics that I “read in the dream” because I don’t think any of them were real) until Valco tells us that “for all that we did, we were never able to save our mom” and we all realized that Talia would be in danger and I don’t remember exactly what happened but I think she disappeared and was gone that or we tried to protect her but she still died or something. So we enter a new scene where all these nerd forces are coming in (superheroes, Voltron, Star Trek, and all the nerdy things) to see this one thing. I’m still robin and this time Batman and Jason are there and Jason tells me that this is “earlier in the past because Talia was already dead when we saw her the first time, but this is the moment where she dies.” And apparently we find her and watch her and see that iceman implants like a frozen chip in her brain to control all her actions. We rush over to save her but she tells us that it Is too late but when we see her later (which has already happened in the dream) she was really in control for a split moment when she said something that meant a lot to us. And we realized we couldn’t do anything and the dream ended.