Date: 7/1/2017

By Corokossa

woke up with no memories but feeling very woozy and sick to my stomach. saved a guy from being stabbed but got torn up myself. guy took care of me and bandaged me up, his brother came home and was startled because I had attacked someone earlier and there were rumors that I was violent and unstable. I was super surprised because I don't like hurting people. I left because the brother was agitated. I wandered around a bit, found a hostel, and got a job making package deliveries. eventually I noticed something was up, and started investigating the deliveries. every so often I'd wake up back in the hostel feeling extremely sick, and not sure if I imagined some of the things I did. after a while I noticed people were following and watching me. I started investigating more sneakily this time, and discovered they were injecting me with an amnestic drug and a soporific drug whenever I was getting a little too close to whatever secrets they were hiding, then returning me to the hostel which was probably also run by them. I was becoming more resistant to the amnestic, and it wasn't 100% from my body becoming used to it. I was remembering better each time. I'm not sure if they knew but they probably did. Joker from P5 was also there and helping me investigate, except I was really bad at parkour. we investigated a little more. at one point I was talking to him and I suddenly started feeling extremely woozy and nauseated, and the feeling kept growing in intensity until I was kneeling on the ground. the last thing I remember before I woke up was joker asking me if I was okay. (I wonder if the organization had installed an implant in me so they could remotely release the drugs?)