Don't watch

Date: 7/29/2017

By PunkAndPastel

My family and I were going about our usual business inside our house. The TV was on, and it advertised an interactive horror tv show. It was to premier that night, but it was very vague as to how it would be "interactive". That night, we were watching TV, and we just happened to switch the channel to the new show. It was storming violently in the show, and we were surprised to see that the weather outside was also stormy. Then the show showed us a small twister heading towards a house. The house looked eerily like ours. A little concerned, I looked through the window that a similar twister was headed right for us. I told my family and they all took cover. Right before I joined them, I saw and image of a dead dog on the TV show. Sure enough, I couldn't find our pet dog. The twister was too close then, and I had no choice but to join my family and hope for the best. The twister tore through the side of the house we weren't currently in, and we were safe. As soon as the storm had safely passed, I ran to the destroyed part of the house. In the wreckage, our dog was laying dead with a piece of wood through its head. I was devastated. Then I remembered the TV show's slogan from the commercial for it- "No one will get out alive." I then woke up.