2nd Trip to the Moon.

Date: 8/7/2017

By Sesd926

In this dream. I was at home, alone when suddenly an announcement came on the radio that several Astronauts had successfully landed on the moon. And it was going to be live streamed on the News station in HD. So me and my brother went out and bought a boat load of junk food. Then we came home and started eating it. That's when my parents came home. Me and my Stepdad decided to go out and buy another TV. So we did and we came home. I decided to stay outside in the Garage and talk for awhile. That's when some random new organization came and wanted to interview us about something. I remember i was angry for some reason and I began to insult the guy who was a news anchor. We threw insults then they finally left. After which we went over to my Grandmas house to watch the broadcast. We started watching it, excited. Then the camera shifted and focused on a satellite dish that was aimed towards earth. It then shot an Energy beam into the Earths core unstable. The whole earth was ending. That was when I woke up.