Zombie Apocalypse

Date: 6/9/2019

By PandaPuff

I can't really remember much of the beginning, but my best friend and I were running on the streets, dodging zombies. I'm guessing my family died. The streets were basically dead. Pun not intended. We met three other survivors our age. (17 or around that) Two guys, and one girl. I don't remember their names. As we ran on the streets, we knew we'd eventually die if we just kept running around with no weapons. I spotted a car and we hopped in. Luckily, the keys were still in the ignition. I turned it and took off on a highway. It was hard to keep swerving because of the zombie, so the guy with the black hair took over the wheel. I think our plan was to get to some community of survivors. As we drove I said something like,"Thank god we found a car. It would take us days to get to that place and we'd probably be dead before we reached it." After that I added,"or weeks.. or months.." and my best friend, Lexi, said that in unison with me. After that we kept saying things at the same time but no one seemed to think anything weird of it. We spent hours in the car chatting and getting to know each other. We all became pretty close and decided we should all stick together anywhere we go. Now the dream kind of gets foggier and I can't remember much. We arrived at the community and for some reason it was set up in divisions. We had our own with other people and weren't allowed to cross into the other territories. So I don't remember what happened exactly, but the blonde chick got angry and stormed off somewhere. I was randomly out in the hallway and alarms started going off so I'm guessing zombies invaded the community. The black-hair guy I was pretty fond of ran out down the hall. I tried to stop him but he wouldn't and ran off. I went back in the room to find it empty. Lexi and the brown-haired guy were gone. I was alone and confused on where everyone was. I asked the woman who ran the division we were in and she said she didn't know about the others, but the black-haired guy was in the hospital in another division being taken care of because he had broken both of his ankles somehow trying to fight off the zombies that broke through. I wanted to see him but she said because I wasn't allowed in that division, I couldn't go. After she left, I made my way to the other division and snuck inside. Someone was on a stage singing m and others were in rows of seats listening. I managed to get by them. I figured they'd never know if I was from another division anyways. I came around a corner and saw this guy David (goes to my school) dancing with other people. He pointed at me and yelled. Everyone started chasing me until the woman who ran the division I was in grabbed my arm and dragged me out. She told me I would have to leave the community entirely and said she was sorry but I'd have to fend for myself now because I broke the rules. I was kicked out on the streets and I saw this big building with a playground in it. I was planning to go there. (Can't really remember what happened after that) but I think the woman told me I could finally go see him?? As I entered the hospital room he looked almost shocked to see me and the person he was talking to excused herself and left the room. He sat up and hugged me then told me to sit down on the bed beside him. He didn't know where everyone else was either. The dream cut to after he was better and our other friends were found and were there too. We were put on a plane in space. I don't know what the exact plan was but the pilot told us we'd have to jump off right in that spot and get a woman there to sign something for us. I was like wtf I'm gonna die. Lexi jumped without no problem and quickly disappeared. Since it was space, it was all pitch black with twinkling stars. Soon, the black-haired and brown-haired did so I was just like fuck it and jumped. We landed in this art classroom. My other best friend, Chloe, was there and asked me if I had any colored pencils. I don't know why, but we had to make some art project thing. I shuffled through a red backpack that was apparently mine. I told her no and she dramatically screamed. That's all I can remember :/