Back to Jamaica

Date: 1/29/2019

By ace200

I was back on the Jamaica trip, but this time more theater kids were on the trip, like L. We went through this rain Forrest with sneakers and swimsuits where we would waddle and swim through a stream. However, crocodiles were in it and we then had to climb these trees to escape them. I was surprised Dahms let us go to the stream, but many other people will there as it was popular. That night, I was feeling really weird, in a good way, like very celestial and open minded. L came toward me as I stargazed and we talked about constellations. I was going to ask him about my play when Mrs Houtz came out. She wanted us to climb these poles and then fall over on them. Jill and Bryan went first and then L and I, we could have gotten really hurt, Bryan sprained her ankle, but Houtz said it was fine. L smiled at me and kept near me the rest of the trip and I was so happy. Dahms then had Colin, me, and two others go out onto the ocean for a group project that every group on the trip had to do. We made a boat/fish catcher that we could lay on and wait to catch fish. We were deep in water and apparently there were sharks and whales so I was terrified. Dahms had a blow up whale come at us and I was so scared that it was real. I could see sharks in the distance too. We caught a huge black and white fish with a fake seal to bring him in.