A long dreams about candies and collecting [Lucid]

Date: 8/19/2020

By richilye

I was at home, in the back yard, my dad had called me to help with something which was quick. After I finished I stood sitting in the yard for a while, under the garage's roof, it was day, afternoon. Hence then I notice some people walking naked around, turns out my yard had cannibals living in it and set camp for a while. As I look towards the front yard, I see some huts there and a few red people walking naked. Suddenly a beautiful cute girl from their tribe approaches me and offers me a drink, I take it and it has no smell, as I drink it, it tastes like sour dry soup, I return the drink to her and she nods and go away. Scene change. I was in a downtown area with 2 Ethernet cables, one short and the other pretty long, I laid them both down in the middle of the road with some note attached to it and to celebrate something. I walk a little and think why have I done that and get anxious about someone stealing it or a car running over. As I go back, I get back the short one, but not the long one, I spot it in the hands of a fat evil looking white woman, I decide to not ask her for it as it could result in her screaming, as I look to the side there is a girl calling me "father", as she sees my face she says: "Sorry, I mistook you for my father... You aren't him, are you?" "No" I reply. Her mom comes and tell her to come back home, then I have the idea to ask for help and say: "Hey, since you talked to me, may I ask you some~" "Not interested" says her mom. I proceed to ask anyways, "Have you seen my long blue ethernet cabble that I lost?" "No" the mom says and walks away dragging her daughter. I find a shinto relic on the ground... (Don't remember how it looks like.) I go to a store a few blocks down, before entering I find a dakinakura on a coffee shop and was like "this doesn't belong here" and decide to take it with me, I then go inside a jewelery (not sure why), I go to the back look around and find another Shinto relic piece, then I proceed to leave and the 2 clerks at the front stop me. "What is that you got there? I think I know her" say the 1st clerk. The 2nd starts to say something and I start talking mid sentence and say "I don't know who that is, I just found it and am trying to return it to where it belongs." And they stop talking and I walk out. I start heading home and it's now night time and I am in a rural area As I walk through I think: "I have to wake up soon before it gets too late." And so I find out that I'm in a dream, since I was trying to go over a wall, I remember what a friend said about trying to do thing not realistic to test if I'm indeed in a dream. I try to levitate like it was recommended, but it didn't work, so I decided to try something else and bend the concrete wall with my bare hands, that worked pretty well. Now confident that I was indeed in a dream, I wanted even more to get home and try some stuff (possibly in relation to the cannibals from earlier). So I start heading to another shortcut as that area is somewhat known to me as it appeared in other dreams before. As I am walking through the road, I try to run and see if I could still maintain concentration, and it worked, now even more happier i keep going, I spot a car coming and go to the right side of the road, as I didn't want to mess with it in case something could go wrong. As I walk further I spot another Shinto relic piece and grab it. I look back and see a man walking in my direction and immediately think he is a robber and start to run again, and I also immediately remember that my friend told me to not have negative thoughts as it could affect badly the dream, and i think to myself "too late now he is definitely gonna rob me", i run a little more and the guy comes and stops in front of me now in a bicycle. He grabs a sword from his side and treathens me, I try to bluff and pull out a fake decorative sword I had with me... It works, but he then pulls out a gun... I put the blade of my sword in front of the barrel blocking it and say "it's a fake gun, I can see the lasersight coming from it", he then gives up and starts to move again. He gets to the intersection first and starts to get attacked by a wolf or guard dog, he then starts getting shot by an old me and then being cut with a chainsaw that the guy had; I decided to just go and enter the house, as it was the place with the shortcut, the other times it had always been empty, the guy must be there because it was night. The old man notices me going up the ramp and starts to come after me with the chainsaw, i look back and start to walk backwards trying to escape. Suddenly the guy from early appears at the gate's ramp just fine and I say to the old man: "Hey, the guy is there back alive" and he replies with "and you expect me to believe that?" And I say "well, yeah..." The guy then asks me where i'm going and I say: "I'm going home to try some stuff out". "Why?" He asks. "Because I'm dreaming." i reply "I'm also dreaming" he replies to me. "Oh yeah? So what is your name then?" I ask in doubt. "My name is $#@$#&" he says, but I couldn't hear because of the chainsaw. "I knew it, you can't even say your name, because you are not real." I say. The guy then shoots the old man with his now fully automatic pistol. He starts following me. "I'll stop at a fun little store that I wanna explore first before going back home" I say. I get to the store which is in a corner in the rural area, I go inside and there is no cashier, something like a small elevator drops in the counter and goes below it, I then start to pull it back up and when it's back it opens and dispenses a lot of candies,I then start to split some with the guy, a Shinto relic was also dispensed and I grabbed it. I won't go into details about the candies as it was just flavors and such and 3 pokemon candies which I don't know the name, but the guy did. I then realise that I'm thirsty and need to do something, i grab a water bottle that was on the counter ever since I arrived and think that I could trick my brain into thinking that I'm not thirsty if I drank water in a dream. I open the bottle and suddenly the glass is filled with water and I say "wow, dreams have automatic bottles, I barely opened it" I then drink it and nothing, it felt like drinking dry air, no texture either. I then start walking around to think of something and lose concentration, suddenly the dream is in a cafeteria and we're having a party, i get my concentration back and am back at the store, I sit down to maintain focus better and the guy says: "Hey, the outside world just cracked". "I know, it's because I'm thirsty" I replied. "I'm gonna try to reach my water cup in the real world." I said. I stood still and started to move my arms in the real world and tried to grab the water cup, but it was too far and I didn't get it. Meanwhile in the dream the cup materialized in my hand with ice cold water, I drank it and it tasted very dry, but I had closed my eyes when I drank it (which is how I end any dream, by closing both eyes for 3 seconds), I then try to move in the dream and notice that I'm moving in the real world instead, I then go into despair a bit in fear of losing the dream and boom, it ended and I woke up completely. I then thought back on it and decided to drink the water, which was 1 arm in length further away, couldn't reach within dream, even if I could, it would be for nothing, as it was almost empty.