Crazy boy chasing me

Date: 3/10/2017

By evyn

I was in school and I priest died and no one cared and everyone was wearing hooks skirts and I walk up the stairs to go to the next floor and all the sudden I'm on floor 17 and I threw up so I ran down to floor 7 and this crazy boy with orange curly curly hair was chasing me and trying to keep me inside and told me I could never leave and so I finally ran out but I became blind and the guy started yelling no no no you can't leave in this insane voice I called mom and I was crying and I told her to pick me up and I woke up while i was on the phone with mom OH AND before that dream a guy and his daughter were against nazis and tryed to bomb some nazi places and ran from cops and they died so their friend tryed to cremate them and they came back to life and they had a duel and they both got shot and the girl somehow got to the Antarctic and the dad got to the desert and that's when I woke up once