Secret Slytherin passageways and book adaptations

Date: 8/5/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I swear I had every dream twice last night. I went through them all, then had a dream where I ran into my friend Amy and decided to tell her all my dreams, and it made me have them all over again, with slight differences and pov. I was with some friends Caroline, Evan, and Victoria, and some people I didn't know, and we were all stuck in this room/cage (I think it was a field trip type thing or something). All the lights are off, and we're trying not to panic. Evan keeps disappearing every once in a while, but no one else notices since it's pitch dark, so I don't say anything, since I figure he doesn't know that I know. We are stuck in there for what feels like forever, just begging for people to let us out as we all get sicker and sicker. Somehow I figured out that Evan knew a secret entrance that lead to a tunnel that came out at the slytherin common room. I connect the dots and realize that Evans been a secret agent this whole time. "This can't be right!" I say, "Evan is a Gryffindor, not a Slytherin!" (He is 100% a Ravenclaw...) Then, I'm back at my childhood home. Caroline comes in holding my manuscript which is all marked up with pen and she's like practically screaming because she's so excited. She says that this agent guy really loved my book so he's going to pick it up, and that she's already been cast for one of the movie roles. I'm stunned, in shock, but so excited. I flip through to find what part she's been cast as, and it's a picture of a really young boy with red hair and crooked buck teeth. "Hmm I don't know what character this is," i say. "And I don't know how to act!" she says in sudden panic. Then I have that dream where I meet up with Amy, and we're in the same place that the first dream took place, except outside the cage/room. After showing Amy around the place for a while and telling her my dreams, I realize that all my friends and everyone is stuck in the room/cage which strangely looked like a giant mascot mask, with the mesh eyeholes and whatnot... Since I know how it all ends, I go to work finding that secret passageway the Slytherin's use. Somehow I manage to get on McConaggals good side, and convince her to show me the secret entrance in the Slytherin Common room. The Slytherin students all keep asking me what the Hufflepuff secret passageway is like. "Hmm, I don't really know, I never thought about it," I say. "It's probably just our hallway to the kitchen." They nod their heads. "Sounds about right. Are there cookies?" "We have cookies everywhere." Don't remember it very clearly after that but I assume I broke everyone out. Then, Amy and I go meet with the agent guy and he's telling me how much he loved my script. Although first, we creepily spied on him through his office window as he took pictures of himself posing for an anatomy drawing class (clothed thank god, he was like 60 or 70 and I like my eyeballs unburned) He tells me that when he finished reading it, he was so anxious to read the next that he went and found my half finished draft that's also half handwritten and read that too. I was so excited to go read all his edits, but woke up before I could. I woke up, but fell into almost the same dream again, except Amy wasn't there anymore, and now, my agent was working on getting the movie made of my book. There's a preview party at the library lawn at my university, with a huge projector screen set up. All kinds of people are out in lawn chairs, and I'm with a group of friends/classmates all trying to set up this super complicated blow up kiddie pool. There are a bunch of little children running around too, wanting to play in it, but we have to set up all the parts first. Everyone is arguing about what cords went where, and it had a Thomas the Tank train track that wound around above the water that we had to piece together too. I took a break for a bit and was helping this guy and girl set up teeter totters. For some reason I have an intense phobia of teeter totters in this dream, so I'm scared to hold them down while the guy screws in the handles. Each teeter totter would have three stacked on top of each other, the lengths getting shorter on the top ones, so the seat on very top one was literally 1 inch and if you tried to sit on it you would get launched way into the air as soon as the other person went down. Once we are finished, I head back to the kiddie pool construction committee. They're still struggling and arguing about what goes where. I tell them to chill out and let me handle it. Previews of the different movies they're going to show clips of tonight are playing, so everyone is shushing each other and watching the giant screen. I quietly work on the kiddie pool while watching. After a bit, my movie is announced. It is absolutely nothing like my book. It's like ponyo style, with screaming anime children and half is in Japanese without subtitles, some is English , and just altogether weird af. Then, I'm not sure how it transitioned, but now we're watching what was also supposed to be my book adaptation, except it was a horribly done christianese film that looked like it was filmed at 240p and everything about it was terrible. Somehow I get transported into the movie itself, as if I'm watching in VR. Remes (one of my characters) is a kid about preschool age, and he's standing on a bunch of rocks out by the ocean. The old agent dude is there too, and sometimes it was like he was a character, but sometimes it was him talking to me about the script and whatnot. I learned this super tragic backstory of Remes wherein his mother abandoned him out on the edge of the ocean, his dad had drunk himself to death, and his teacher had bought him alcohol (pink and blue swirl margarita slushies put into a sippy cup😂) I was really depressed and didn't remember writing it (because I didn't). Eventually I get sucked back out to "rl" except now I'm by a real pool with my fiancé who is apparently Chat Noir, but named Sam Cho???? His whole family is here, it's a rehearsal dinner for our wedding, and literally everyone but me is Jewish. We're next to a Mennonite church that has a skateboard/bike park inside. They're all talking about my movie and whatnot. Chat gets all excited about something and starts running around the fence that's around the pool. I'm laughing and running after him. He phases through the fence as if he's Barry Allen, and something tells me that I have the ability to do that too. Except that when I try, I just smack into the fence. He's on the inside, I'm on the outside, and it turned into some overly dramatic moment where we were star crossed lovers forever separated and could never be together. Jewish family are all weepy, and I'm about to pass out cause I just gave myself a concussion. "You did it before!" Chat/Sam says in tears. "It must've been because you were so tired then that your mind was open enough to let your molecules pass through!" I'm trying to relax, to completely clear my mind so that I can phase through the fence, while trying not to fall unconscious. I'm mumbling something or other, and at last I say something about carrying his child and then I fall through the fence, practically unconscious. The entire Jewish family peanut gallery gasps at the shocking revelation as if I'm in a terrible soap opera. He catches me just barely, but not before I fall into the pool, drifting towards the bottom. We resurface in a minute, and a bunch of people help drag my barely conscious body out onto the cement. There's a dispute about who will be king next. I tell them that Chat/Sam needs to be first in the succession line, even though his brother is older. The end.