Car and airplane crashes in new house

Date: 2/5/2017

By mysticmusic94

I dreamt that my parents were still together and we were buying a new house. We had like a conveyor belt thing infront of our house that went around the house and you put cans on it but i dont know what it did. It was built to close to the road and caused multiple car crashes infront of our house. A cop broke into ohur house and i hid behind a bed but they found me and i told them where my parents were. I then got up and looked out a window to see an airplane falling from the sky towards my house. It crashed through the downstairs of my new house! Then my parents were talking about renting a new apartment.Then the dream kind of transformed into this boy that i thought was cute and he liked me. My parents didnt like him so we snuck into the room where we could see the airplane below us in the room it crashed into and we shut the door quick. I asked if he liked me then hugged him. Then the dream transformed into a virtual game thingy. I was DJ from full house and we were in like this creek area. Then I had to sneak my boyfriend out of my house because my dad (Danny from full house) didnt like him so i left too then we had to get out of this cerytain area before getting caught by him (like in a video game) and the whole thing was in 2D. Then we made it out together and that was it. The end of the thing looked like a mall by the way.