Dancing in a virtual reality video game

Date: 2/4/2017

By kaiteypotaitey

So this is the part of the dream that I remember: I was in this virtual reality video game where you could choose a song and there's a whole world that you enter for each song, to do one thing: dance. Some of the songs you could tell that people had chosen a lot, or someone worked really hard on it, and they were very well choreographed, but others were more chaotic. The last song that I entered before I woke up was 505 by the Arctic Monkeys. There was an extremely large room full of women and men, hundreds. It was pitch black. There was light shining on every person. Not a single light for each person but one light that highlighted everyone. This dance was so beautifully choreographed, and everyone had these distinctive parts, it was like a play. It was a fine piece of art. We were all dressed in these dark slender outfits, like bodysuits. There were props there, too. They were these huge sturdy cardboard blocks that you could transform into different shapes and they were completely black. I think the best thing was that the new players to the song, they weren't shunned for not being perfect at this choreographed dance. They were welcomed. They would all say: just watch everyone else a few times and you'll get the hang of it. I remember going through the song three times and being pretty bad at it, but I kept learning. Then I woke up.