Protesting Divisiveness

Date: 8/8/2017

By Y0Universe

I was at a rally of some sort where republicans were trying to convince an audience that they could pass health care legislation with 51% of the vote. But hey needed Americans to vote to allow that. Mitch McConnell and John McCain where speaking at this rally, and they were being very divisive. Referring to liberals as the enemy, and such. So I stood up when it was really quite and said "Fuck you, McConnell you grumpy turtle, you should be representing ALL Americans." He tried to keep speaking but I kept heckling him. Then everyone voted. All the politicians went somewhere else, and suddenly I was in a western saloon with all of them. We were all chatting like normal people. I told John McCain that as a politician it is their job to unify people. Not just represent republicans but also find ways to represent the wishes of people who are liberal. Everyone got more chummy. I told him I am happy to hear he seemed so healthy after the cancer scare.