My dream character becomes lucid and I don't😡

Date: 3/17/2017

By kidglovs

I am in a parking lot with a friend (dream character). He tells me that he is dreaming and that he is lucid. I don't believe him so he proceeds to prove it to me. One of the cars in the lot is on so he looks over and says "back up". The car begins to back up. "Drive", he says. The car begins to drive down the road towards the end of the parking lot. My friend raises his hand and says "stop". The car stops. My friend looks at me and says "this is awesome". I'm standing there looking at him like wtf. He then says "back up". The car travels in reverse to where we were standing. He raises his hand again and says "stop, get out of the car". A tall male steps out of the car and walks towards us. My friend says "go light me a cigarette". The driver starts walking back to the car to light the cigarette. My friend says "wait, what kind of cigarettes do you have?" The driver responds, "Newports, of course". The dream ends. The night before this dream I was reading up on lucid dreaming and had read a few examples of situation like this where I should have become lucid but didn't. Sucks.