Bogey monsters and pizza w/ frosting

Date: 5/24/2017

By TwentieToo

Had a dream where I was this strawberry haired girl and I had a husband who was nerdy but still hot, like superman vibe. I lived in my old apartment complex and we were doing laundry and stuff when it started to get dark. When its nighttime, thats when the bogeys came out. I've dreamt about these bogeys several times. They looked like that hobbit creature who says, "my precious". Anyways one was just sitting under the stairs and I said to my husband when we climbing the stairs, "theres one over there" and pointed to the stairs. He said, " we probably need more hex bags, huh?". So we made some and went out and started fighting the bogeys. We'd throw a hex bag at one and say some words and the bogey would go poof. But then we came across these dogs. They could talk. And apparently we had come across these evil dogs before and threw three hex bags each at them. We said our spell and they started to disappear. Well more like, decompose? But the spell wasn't enough and the dogs just grew back. They started to attack us when an evil witch appeared and snapped her fingers and they fully disappeared. Right before one of them disappeared I stomped on him. Suddenly we were in the master bedroom of the apartment and the witch rammed me backward onto the bed with her hovering over me. I made some joke about her wanting to kiss me or something and thats all I remember. There was this other dream where i was myself and my sisters, dad, and ex friend, lets call them Cas, were with me. We were in the grocery store and we went to this spa store that was attached to the store. While Kathy was picking something out up at the counter, i wandered around the store. There were these weird big ass sea shells. There was a bunch of different products and stuff. But the sea shells interested me. The thing cas picked out was a pen. With a brush tip. That was pink. Kinda like a lip gloss or something. I have no clue what this was for but it was apparently very important. We sat down to get something to eat. There was some free samples. Like hundreds. Thousands. They were even on the menu we got. I picked out something in this tiny cup when my little sister sophie came back with a bigger container with some pizza with some fancy frosting on top. I thought it looked delicious and went and got one myself. When i got there it was this giant table and a bunch of old people were picking out some pizza withs frosting. There were different colors, like the the pizza matched the frosting. The color i wanted which was red was in the very back. I guess i wanted red cuz i thought it looked like the sauce on the pizza and it would tasted like normal pizza. Anyways, i waited until people picked off all the ones in the front and grabbed me a red one and headed back to my table. I don't really remember what happens next. It just jumps to the store manager saying to cas that something is wrong and she needs a new pen. I noticed her pen didn't have a lid. So when we got to the spa place, i crawled around on the ground to find a lid. I popped it onto their new pen. This part happened multiple times and then it ended.