Panic! at the Target

Date: 6/30/2017

By Nepetas_Legion

I was shopping at Target with my mom for ingredients to make dinner with, although I don't think Target would even have the stuff I was getting. Once we thought we had everything, we got in the checkout line to pay for our stuff. My mom realized that we had forgotten the marshmallows, so I ran and got them. We were behind a few people, so by the time I got back it was our turn to pay for our stuff. I thought, "wow I sure do have great timing," but then my mom told me that we had forgotten to get rice, which was a crucial part of the dish we were gonna make. I panicked and started running through the store looking for rice, realizing that I had no idea where it was. The only thing I could find that was even close to rice was pasta, and I couldn't exactly substitute that for rice. I gave up and walked back to the cash register, where my mom had just finished paying for our groceries. I got all emotional about how I failed her and I couldn't make decisions properly, but she told me that it was alright and that we could get the rice separately. We found the rice almost immediately, just down the aisle from the pasta. I felt like an idiot but at least we had rice.