Smoking weed

Date: 6/7/2017

By parisleech13

Warning. I've never actually smoked weed before and I'm known as the GG (goody goody) in my school. That's why it's such a weird dream. So I was sat in my room and then my window started to open. Bare in mind my windows one of the small thin ones. I saw Tyler and harri (these guys from my school) and they were like "is it cool if we smoke some shit in here" and held up a massive bad of weed. I nodded my head and shut my door and put a towel underneath it. Then I grabbed the bag out of his hand and rolled one, lit it and started to smoke it. They were like "What. The. Fuck. Paris." And looked at me really shocked. "Since when did you smoke?" And I just looked at them. And said "since now you pussy hole thot"😂😭 they opened my window and went back outside through the window without saying anything and then I started to try and push the smoke out of my room with my hands. THE END