Eddie Redmayne is an Alien

Date: 7/26/2017

By toxxicduck

I was still in high school and just arrived at a brand new one. Everyone there acted very strangely and creepy, like staring at me, being creepy village people, all smiles and politeness but really creepy and dead eyed. I don’t remember seeing any teachers at all, but the “popular guy” at school, who everyone liked and listened to was a guy who looked exactly like Eddie Redmayne when he was in the movie Yellow Handkerchief. He was legitimately friendly and polite, not creepily so, and he helped me around the new school and became my closest friend. The only actual class I remember going to was a painting class but not doing much. Then one day an alien appeared in a big grassy field outside. He just beamed down from outer space. The field looked like the baseball field/soccer field at Marshall Campus. All the students gathered there, including myself, and I realized that the creepy students here all belonged to an alien cult that worshipped the alien guy as a god. He floated down to the ground (he seemed more like a wizard than an alien) and my classmates pushed me toward the head of the mob to present me to him. Eddie was standing next to the alien-wizard looking very anxious. The alien looked at me and then said “Is this the one?” to Eddie, who shook his head no. The alien had more communication with Eddie and the other cultists that I don’t remember and then beamed back up into outer space. When the alien was gone and the other classmates dispersed, Eddie confessed to me that he is secretly also an alien in disguise and works for the alien-wizard who appeared. He said that I am 'the one' who will fulfill the prophecy of beginning a new race on Earth by getting pregnant from an alien and it’s his job to find me. The alien-wizard didn't want a human-alien spawn to be born to Earth so he sent Eddie to find me so he could kill me before it will happen. Eddie lied to the alien-wizard about me not being ‘the one’ to save my life because I proved that I am a good person and he likes me, and humanity would benefit from merging with an alien race. That’s when I woke up. Sounds like a plot to an anime. I had this dream several years ago which I copy and pasted here and that title at the top "Eddie Redmayne is an Alien" is giving me some crazy deja vu.