Baseball Birthday

Date: 6/13/2019

By Analiese96

It started but being in a hotel in new work but I was just going up and down the small elevators. Then I was at a baseball game for my dream boyfriend and he was showing me all the techniques . By half we were losing really and went back to the Uber fancy lockeroom. I noticed that I missed setting up Chrissy Teigens surprise birthday party at Her house and left. We said surprise gave her a flower and and back to the game. Our team won and then my boyfriend took me out for a car ride and broke up with me and left me to walk home. On my walk home a stumbled into a New York hotel and was just trying to cheat the elevator by not paying and guessing what a cabs license plate was. In the end I was at work where my boss bought these horrible pants and I was doing my regular work.