Woman Harasses Me at the Mall

Date: 8/23/2019

By randybobandy

I was walking through the mall when I noticed in front of me was a teenage boy and his parents, fidgeting with a bunch of suitcases, taking up a big part of the walking area. When I got to them to walk past, one of the suitcases accidentally flew out in front of me, and for some reason I decided to kick it out of my way. This shocked them for a moment. I continued on nonchalantly but then knew they would come after me so I hurried into a Bath & Body Works and tried to act casual and shop. The mother came in after me. I was able to hide successfully for a bit but she finally approached me and of course, berated me. I told her that I was incredibly sorry, I have no idea why I did that, I wouldn't normally do such a thing, it was some kind of instant reaction, I didn't mean any harm or damage. She continued to berate me and halfway through it I just thought "Fuck this," and started walking away. She basically followed me into several stores, harassing me. At some point I was looking at really cute cardigans, but knew I couldn't buy them cause I had no money. Finally I thought "This dream is boring" and woke myself up.