Sentient and Strange

Date: 5/5/2017

By Fitful

I found an old house in the woods and decided I wanted a cat. I followed the cat through this little odd door in the house, it was like it opened and closed another door, at the same time it opened, but only sometimes. So I followed this cat inside and it was a whole little house. I might have left once then come back, which is what I'm told later I did, but I recall immediately getting stuck in the house. Once inside it was a like a trap and it was impossible to get outside those wall. But the owners came home, discovered me, and said I was the one who moved their furniture, and seemed a bit put out, I did admit to what I had done. It was only one box but I sheepishly apologized. Time passed without my noticing after that, I think i was very sick for the next time I noticed they had practically adopted me and were taking very good care of me, with their baby who they sometimes had. He was fat with a kind of mermaid tail which began but disappeared into ether instead of actually being a tail. I had my own bed and they kept a bandaid on my throat, right there in the middle a large bandaid, and a lozenge as well. I was also on this medicine regime which made me sway a lot. Their kid also taught me to twist, sometimes I couldn't move the lower half of me and I watched him perk up for a snack, like a baby bird, and he had this unique twist in his side that I didn't know could be done. I copied it and got more limber. It was as if I were Goldilocks in some bizarre fairy tale and they were the bears who had heart strings tugged by unfortunate creatures and decided to keep me. They were large too, when they were there, tall and shapeless, and I think they were incoporeal. How they left and came back out of the trap house I could only guess. The house did have this vortex to another reality or demension inside it. In fact almost all of the inside of the house reflected that in some way. At first it was just the floors. I was so annoyed they were dirty, these old carpets, I wanted to clean them but didn't want to be rude and didn't think it would work they were so dirty. I tried replacing them instead. I would put down one square at a time, replacing them piece by piece, but I was self conscious. I knew it probably wasn't my place to replace the floors, and i also knew it wasn't working. It was like the floor itself resisted me. I ended up pulling my tiles off and letting the original settle back down. It did so by itself, slinging it's little squares back into perfect flush alignment. I was deep into a third week of being there and I was on a high dose of medication. I know I was on a high dose because my body responded oddly, it kept swaying back and forth, and I recalled for a minute waking life where I never even took so much as a pain meds because I don't like artifical shit in my body. I was marveling at my sudden turnaround. But the medication wasn't just to heal me up, or maybe keep their hostage docile, it was a special regime which would make me something special. It was transforming me into, it was like a psychic but not even close, the word and concept psychic is like scree to a mountain compared to what I was going to become. I noticed something odd was actually beginning to happen. I was looking at this scene through my eyes, it was some old town just a view of the street and a few shoos. A normal view, but I noticed I was looking at it with my eyes closed. I opened my eyes, and they opened I real life to view the ceiling then shut again and I could see it again. My eyes really saw this thing when the lids were closed. I made sure. I often felt better and wandered around the house, although it was so small there wasn't much space to wander. It was literally a square box. If they came home to find me wandering to why would scold me and direct me to the bandaids. I had my own little bed but none of the others required a bed, or seemed to sleep. I decided one day, bored to travel to this other reality. There was this vortex in the ceiling, like alive with these creatures resembling pastel candies, billions of them. I went there and found a land full of animals all sentient and strange. I felt it was interesting but was so alarmed by the alien bizarreness of the world, I had rose up through the ceiling which was the sky of this world and once here I had fallen to their ground. The vortex was like a hourglass shape and I was worried that I wouldn't be a able to get back. A donkey helped me, or maybe it was a goat, he outwitted his own people in order to get me back. We turned over this cauldron which created the vortex. I was sucked back/shot into the sky and i was back in the little house. But the magic was gone, by destroing the cauldron all the things which made this house alive and magical and weird were gone. Everything was dead, the ceiling full of sentient candies, the floors, the locusts were now made of rubber like toys. Worse was they were aware of being alive I saw their little eyes moving about in panic, but their bodies were now solid, plastic. I decide to go back and fix it. This wasnt right at all. I went back and was in a strange place, not where I had been before an empty white place. I began a fight with some entity, a dark type entity, I use the word dark to illustrate its emotional state and intentions, although to be honest I can't say it was actually a color or had substance i never saw it. I also don't usually associate dark with these types of things either. It began to overtake my body, it took control of my right arm, possessed it, and tried to take control of the rest of me. I thought I had control of my left arm for a long time, but it had been pretending and it had control of that too. I literally sat there, legs akimble, doing nothing fighting this thing. I was doing this with a devilish intent you could tell there was this dark humor behind it as if it was fun for it. It was fucking with me just because it was its nature and it wanted something. I dutifully fought the thing, made some headway, was scared of being possessed and all that jazz. When suddenly I lost interest and just stopped. I disappeared out of that scene, suddenly, like my mind wandered. I didn't win, or lose i just got bored. And I left.