Date: 5/26/2019

By zedlafor

Slept around 3.30am and woke up 7.15am. Did a meditation with my mala beads and some pendulum dowsing. I felt tired and went to bed. Dreamt about being in a world, chased - catched-prisoned. So I got pinned on everyside of me during a walk home or somewhere. A openfield protected by walls I was outsideof this wall. In this corner of this large wall i climbed on top from this large machine these people are using. In this corner or window of this wall i was hiding thinking they cab not see me. Suddenly from the inside the top of this pointy window It starts to crack or broken open. The top of this window being torned from the outside. I was wrong to think this wall/window is solid strong. Suddenly I was held in front of me crystals diode circle forms. 2 crystals surfaced from the total of 7 crystals. Saying my air/space chakra and water chakra is troubled. Telling me that is why my foundation is not that strong and can break that easy. I need to focus these 2 elements.