The only way out is through

Date: 6/4/2017

By beejules

Ben and I have broken up, but we are on a trip together. The morning comes for me to pack my things and go to the airport. I wonder if Ben will be available to say goodbye. Freya is with me too. As I'm packing, I notice that I have two of things- like hair dryers. This was so I didn't have to travel with them. But now I have to pack two. As I'm getting ready, Ben is nowhere. I know he won't be there to say goodbye. I'm pissed. Once packed, I'm in a meditation class. I'm talking about my experience meditating lately. That sometimes I get frustrated because the method that "works" (I use air quotes in the dream) for me - which is to follow the breath) hasn't been working lately. Because once I think of Ben, my mind can't find peace again. The person next to me tells me I have to follow the thoughts down. Down into the depths. I have to feel the sadness. I tell her I'm angry. The teacher tells me I have to feel the anger. That the only way out is through. Then the teacher suggests I watch a program on Gaia called "mediation" - I think that's what he said.