Dead girls

Date: 6/27/2019

By karmakaziska

Okay so I had a dream and I wasn't supposed to be in this place or something and it got shot up I was present there for it but on the wrong side of the house watching as this one part very particular very accurate very precise targeted part at the house shredded with bullets someone I knew showed up after I'd snuck outside and I brought them inside to show them that I had been shot at her the place that I had stayed which was one of their places I guess how the walls got stranded with bullets on one side and even so much so that there was huge holes in the drywall beside the couch remember the couch was one of those old pull-out couches with all the dry colors on it looks like it would be in your grandmother's house or something you know but anyways I get to look in with my friend and there was a hidden wall or a hidden compartment and the wall just down behind the couch or I mean beside it and in that wall we pulled away more drywall and found three bodies in it one of which was still alive they were all female they had been looked to be restrained in the wall and all three of them or darker complected or African-American appeared to be someone in there late twenties into their 30s I can still remember someone of what the clothes they were wearing I remembered bright orange like a purplish blue jeans the wavy design I'm one of the shirts kind of dressy just really detailed really Vivid I remember the one that was a live was reaching towards me and I wanted to help her but she was dying and there wasn't much I could do there was one for sure dead one for sure still alive and the other one was somewhere in between I think I'm not sure if she was dead or alive I just remember the one that was still alive the blood covered all over her was laying with their head the opposite way and the cubby hole and her hand reaching out holding the other girl's hand and the middle trying to have her grab towards me too but I'm not sure if that one was alive anyways don't know why I'm having these dreams again just thought I'd share