Tree fish

Date: 6/22/2019

By Pmoney96

I was walking along a lake in Ireland and saw massive rainbow trout in the water, the same girth as normal R. trout but 2m long. I pointed them out to my friend Chris & he ridiculed me. I watched a fish breach and land on a tree perched along the grove of a few branches. As we walked along there were 30 or so trout doing the same.. I reach out to grab one but I was too slow & it plopped back in the water. I spotted another nearby and caught it but it was a pike. We walked along a little further and there was a wide shallow stream which we climbed over to find something. I set the fish down somewhere and walked away looking at really cool lizards with my brother. We went back on the road & I forgot my fish so went back to grab it. In one of the pools there looked to be a dead horse. The hair was matted and it looked blotted. I needed to climb past to get my fish and when I got close the eye was just a black whole but passing by I saw the white of the eye as it followed me. I asked if he was ok and he said “aye mate I’m comfortable” he then got up and trotted off into the distance.