Saw Ariana Grande @ Park & Contest

Date: 8/19/2017

By kkthedreamer

So apparently I lived in the city now, but my house was the same. I went for a bike ride to this park, and I was riding it all weirdly like backwards and off the sidewalk. I stopped at this park and I saw this squirrel that had Ariana Grande's face. Then I saw the real Ariana Grande walking with Mac in the park. She was surrounded by a group of fans who were asking her to sign their things. I walked up to her and gave her a a piece of paper to sign, and for some reason she gave me back this dollar bill, except it was all burnt and crusted like an old scroll. Then I biked back home and rode my bike into the house, through the blue room. Lilly K was there having a sleepover with Mackenzie and Erin, even though I barely know them. The second part of my dream still involved Ariana. So, I was doing this contest thing that maybe was an eating contest but I can't really explain what you had to do. I didn't even get it in my dream. The winner of the contest would get to have pizza with the celebrity of their choice. But basically there were like 7 female celebrities sitting at this long table with plates in front of them, and there was a group of fans including Jillian, Sam and I. We all sat in front of one of the celebrities, and the contest started. Even though I don't remember what we exactly had to do, I know that I was good at it and I went into the final round. I woke up right before they announced the winner.