Supermarket pt. 2

Date: 6/15/2019

By meeuhduh

In connection to the same dream with the butterfly a lot of shit happened in that same supermarket it was like the old Cub Foods in Beaverton except also like a mall inside Someone stole like a little Lego set or some kind of model of a car that was sentimental to the from this dude running a cafe place they vandalized it by like melting off the face of the model of him in the car I remember thinking it was probably because he was a black man and I saw a lot of white people but I found it on the ground I wished that I could fix it I put it back to the dudes counter and I looked again it was fixed and he was super happy and he got emotional I think he said something to me like "be careful" something like that idk. There was a makeup display from some brand doing an In Living Color theme lots of neons and glitter I was looking for a glitter a plain clothes cop came up behind me and startled me he said something about one of the items it was joke item pink glitter "iGun" case and I thought it was funny but the cop said something like "Now they're selling gun add ons in the store!" Like he didn't realize it was a joke item. When he said "they" it sounded awkward.