bts at kcon?

Date: 6/28/2019

By magicshop

i was at kcon with kamryn and i saw a bunch of people from high school there and some family were there too. we waited for so long to see bts and when they finally came on we snuck down to the floor seating to try to get a better view but it was strange because they performed behind a wall. no one could see them in person. everyone had to watch a huge screen to see their performance so kam, cassie, a few others and i snuck behind the wall and then were face to face with bts and they were happy to see us dancing with them. cassie and everyone left so it was just me and kam with bts and they were taking selfies with us. after the show namjoon invited us backstage so when we got back there we saw namjoon and ariana grande in a hot tub and their staff + ariana’s mom were in the room too. namjoon invited us in the hot tub and we took more pics with both joon and ariana but my phone didn’t save the pictures we took which made me very upset