Frat Party?

Date: 4/27/2017

By SwaggyBoy9

I was in this big room, with bunk beds and stuff everywhere. There were girls and guys, and lots of girls. So I was having arm wrestles with this dude who was clearly much bigger than me and I was beating him easily! He said "dude how are you winning I'm clearly bigger than you". It felt good, to be of that strength. He was laying down on the bed with like 4 girls on him all over, I assumed I must've been at some frat party or something? Jack and Logan were also there, on some occasions. I saw a bed and I laid down on it. Moments after, a girl saw me from the other bed and laid on top of me, on my right side. Suddenly, 3 more girls came and I was surrounded by girls lying on my bed with me! Eventually, the first one started to give me a blowjob, and the other three saw and looked a bit disgusted. They started leaving when I said "I bet you girls don't know how to give a good blowjob" and that's all that was required. They immediately turned back and tried to prove me wrong! I now had 3-4 girls giving me a blowjob, and trust me it was good. The dude I beat at an arm-wrestle came up to me and asked how I did it. I explained it to him, and there was a girl behind him and so I pointed to her as she smiled at me. He was about to say it and I turn my vision a bit to the left and would you believe who I saw... My dad. That was hella awkward, I pretended I didn't see him and moments later Jack turned up to me. "Jack could you give me that medical application please" I said out loud to make sure my dad thinks I'm doing something in college. Jack replies "wait what, I thought you were kidding about that". I walk away to my old bunk with all my belongings next to it. I look to the bunk next to me, there's a second bed below it with barely any space, I thought "who could sleep under that" and as I look inside the bunk, I see Logan. It was like his eyes were slightly open, and his lips were pursed in a weird way. Then I Woke Up. I'm still in high-school, I don't even know what a frat party looks like, guess I just sorta went with the stereotypical American frat party that they show in the movies.. Is it really like that?