Snakes at Mini Golf

Date: 5/13/2017

By ChristianV02

At a mini golf near an store and it the town was flooded, When we went to the first one and it was fine, the second one was across a flooded street thing. We had to swim across to get there. Once we got there we noticed how difficult it was to get up the stairs cause they where so steep. Next, I feel off the stairs and onto the ground and notices tiny snakes surrounding the area. Some strangers where crossing the pond and they started getting attacked by a bunch of these giant snakes. They all get swallowed and myself and a group of people make it to the mini golf area which was on this boardwalk. As we started walking the boardwalk started collapsing. I fell in and snakes began to bite me and eat me alive. That's where it ended. My dream started back up in a unknown house which I remember from a previous dream. It's a in a big town with a town area where you can hangout and there's a boardwalk near the beach. While I was there all my friends where asking where i was. Suddenly i see my friend Jordan at this siding glass window and I went to go talk to him. When I opened the door he was already gone. A bunch of others jumped out of a car and began dancing. They where all my friends and they put a dance show on for me. After that we went into my living room. We watched movies and everyone brought cookies. I grab a giant plate of cookies and that's where it all ended.