The Voices

Date: 9/29/2019

By saleenwhite

When I was eleven I started to here voice. One of the first voices where name angel. Powerful person she helped me a lot during the abuse I was taking from my brother at the time angel is the one who made the abuse stop by yelling and screaming at my brother when he touched me around mom and dad and I’m little sis. Once my brother Moved out I was happy there was no more abuse it felt like for ever. But he finally left. When I was In middle school I met a boy name John. In the beginning he was nice to me . He played with my hair and I like that until one day he just got mad and punched me in the sholdure which hurt a lot. But I didn’t care because I still like him but eventually he got to were he was beating me every day so angel came back out and starred talking to the counselor for me and once John was out of the way John became a voice that was much older than the John in the six grade. And also much stronger ,he ran over angel and would hit her instead of me but not me , I felt bad for angel, one day we had a conversation about me taking the blame when John comes by i was a little worried and I had a right to be whenever I would fall asleep he would find away to hurt me , eventually I told angel I can’t do it ever day it make me wanna die so angel to meme that’s the okay I’ll Take e days out other week end would methe and the and two days out of the week and I agreed with her.but I had ... one day while I was struggling with a test to voice I had never heard appeared the name was lee and Eric they helped me out with school work and test that’s how I got a’s and b’s. As for David I’m not sure when he popped up but he is similar to John abusive as hell I try not to piss him off.