baguettes in bangkok

Date: 4/4/2017

By jevan

i had a dream that i lived in a rustic town in asia and me and red from orange is the new black had killed someone and we were wondering what to do with the body so we went to find this pub landlord (who was Simon from the walking dead) and there was a maze outside the front of the pub but the maze didnt have walls. eventually i pointed him out. Red was angry that he hadn't dumped the body in the house opposite her because it was empty. Next thing I know I'm visiting Leahs flat and its a tudor house with beams and a rickety staircase. i pass all of her flatmates on the way and they just stare at me. eventually meet up with my friends and we decide to go out for dinner. we're all getting different kinds of takeaway. i cant decide where we sit so we keep moving around this park to everyones annoyance. eventually decide on a spot and then i go to exchange currency and get chinese food. i'm guessing i didn't have enough money so i went to a baguette stand. I ask "can you keep it sticky if you like lipgloss" and he proceeds to warm up a plain baguette and put butter in it. Then i say "Oh can i have egg in it as well please". He hands it over and it costs 40 baht (£1) and i manage to negotiate it for 35 baht. i was very pleased.