Titanic Trip

Date: 8/19/2017

By ace200

It started with Rose, Jack, and I going up to the top wooden small platform of the Titanic, knowing it was sinking. Somehow I was friends with Jack and Rose. There was very little space as people were already there so we sat close together in it. A women with a baby was looking for a spot, so I squished close to Jack to give her room to sit. She was very scared of her baby dying, so I began talking to her and helping her calm down. I promised her I would save her baby. Then, Jack and Rose start running from the platform with everyone else. I grab the women's hand and guide her through the crowd, following the glimpse of Jack and Rose I could see. We went Past first class glow in the dark museums and aquariums, where a boy was hanging out and a bartender. We made it to bigger bomb shelter like room, but it was very dirty and gross. I asked Jack and Rose why they left me behind when my new friend had a baby, furious. Rose said she was sorry, but she had her own baby to take care of. That's when I notified her stomach and that she was pregnant. Rose had to go to the bathroom, but the one there was VERY gross and third class. It was funny seeing her try to use it. It transferred to being on a different ship where my mom was training sea creatures on. There was a huge white shark in this pool of other fish and she was doing an experiment to see which would come closest to her on this matt. The shark did and broke her matt, moving it's top fin right through it. I was on it and fell in the water, terrified of the shark eating me. No one noticed so I had to climb out alone. I was then back with Jack and Rose, but we were in a suburban area in their time, so everything was old fashioned. I heard someone talking across the street, saying they were from 2014, and were amazed by what was around them. I wondered why we were both going back in time, but I was from 2017. Jack and Rose took me and the women with the baby into this house with an old man. I was amazed by the old house.