Date: 5/22/2017

By edjwardo

I was at the park then I was in the car with Madeline and Donald then we met Rebecca who was living in Fraser's house. Then I am in a big outdoor shopping centre with houses and I meet this hot blond girl with a tiny bit of pink in her hair and Gordon Ramsay , we both want this girl. Gordon Ramsay takes me to his house where I become his apprentice, then I say that I'm going and he gets upset thinking I'll never come back like the last one but I tell him I will. I go to a different house where I enter a part where there are 2 rooms one is the kitchen and one is a spare room but the kitchen is connected to the hall way. I walk through where the door should be to the room and I see Donald trump who begins to attack me throwing things through the window I hide in the kitchen but the way it is built he can throw things through both windows if he walks to it. He does and I run to the room again this continues for a bit until he pulls out a taser and when I see this he is in the room so I run to the kitchen then through the hallway and I try and find the exit. I do just as trump realises he was tricked and I run to Gordon's house where I say I'm sorry and want to be taken back. He agrees (happy that I'm back) and we meet up with the girl again who we talk to a bit about the pink bit in her hair. We then head up the escalator to the shops and I see a sign saying wheelshakers : jake Kaufman, thecampingrusher but mittens is separate and says beside him "if it is not to stressful" I talk to Gordon about this saying it's rlcs how will it not be stressful. We talk more.