Game of thrones meets Assassins creed

Date: 6/16/2019

By kod28

I was a Woman sold as a slave to a king who was very much like a Maffia leader...100s of women were sold to the king and his men. however I was undercover for a queen in another kingdom (unsure why) the king held a party and looked at all the women he would choose his favourites and then summon them to his castle..In this dream I was extremely beautiful but I was an extremely good fighter and could take on 8men and still win..The king chose me and fell in lust with me and I was summoned to his castle to live with 6 other women. Nothing sexual happened but he wanted to marry me... Eventually I was caught out as undercover (can’t remember how)and had to fight my way out and escape..there was a man in the dream who helped me escape on a beautiful horse and I got away and then woke up