Coma in a dream

Date: 7/13/2017

By ultraweaklisk

I was playing what seemed like a game. I was a female character. I was walking through a dirty dark metal sci-fi building. I don't remember exactly, but there were dangerous creatures there. I had an objective but I don't recall what. At times there were transmissions of some sort giving me instructions. One time I had a "moment of clarity" and I realized the game was just a coma or dream of some sort and in reality I (female in the dream) was being experimented on. The following is 18+. The moment of clarity was just a single frame, like a still image. But I was sitting on a medical bed, somewhat upright, and there were people in white coats around me. I was wearing a patients gown, but my body from the belly down was exposed. In my vagina I had a silver colored object, bearing resemblance to a vibrator.