Suddenly the sky turned dark

Date: 7/26/2017

By muezzatika

As I remembered, we'd just moved into new house. A very dreamy house, like some house at american tv shows, with no fence, all white, woods, many windows, hanging flowers and plants, pretty kitchen. Just me, my mom and my dorm sister. We were chatting at the kitchen while having brunch. Then I went outside to put the trash bag. I looked around. Where were the neighbours? Suddenly a very cold and hard wind came from my left side. I think that was hurricane because it took anything. And the most scary think was the bright blue sky got dark. A enourmous shape of black clouds make a formation like a giant tornado at the sky. I screamed and ran back into the house. Then tried hard to lock the door. Everyone jn the house started panic because I couldnt lock the door. They told me to step back from the glass window. The window were shattered, the electricity went off, scarying storm sound outside...